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BuySellVoIP company began its operations at the telecommunication services market in 1999 as an IP telephony operator by rendering communication services to companies and private individuals. As things progressed, the company expanded the range of its services in this field. Then, as the VoIP technology has developed, the company started rendering services of VoIP traffic routing for IP telephony operators. This type of work began forming a separate direction in company operations, and eventually became its main type of activity.
The experience we had gained in the past helped work out and organize our own quality control system which includes consistently updated and developed monitoring tools. The company technological network is set up based on a softswitch of a large bandwidth capability with a built-in billing system.
At present BuySellVoIP is a large and dynamically growing company rendering all the existing types of VoIP services. BuySellVoIP is an international company. Its headquarters are located in England, and the company itself along with the trading floor is in Germany.

Our activity
The company operates as an exchange to buy, sell and exchange VoIP traffic.
BuySellVoIP is a communications network which is independent from providers and designed to render the following services to communications operators and corporate clients:
- on-line bidding to buy, sell and exchange VoIP traffic;
- your intercity traffic termination directly through a great number of operators round the world without any intermediate party;
- using your uncommitted resources to receive traffic from other operators and BuySellVoIP members; by doing so you can obtain an extra income;
- VoIP traffic routing (discharging overloaded channels);
- forming statistics information on the traffic served;
BuySellVoip exchange network operation

When working with our exchange, you will use a Web interface which provides:
- the registration and authorization of users and their equipment;
- placing bids to buy, sell and exchange traffic, managing bids;
- an access to billing functions, statistics information, real-time quotes;
- monitoring of chosen directions.

Our certified billing keeps statistics, provides tariff classification and forms information on members' mutual settlements. The billing center provides:
- unified tariff classification;
- automated evaluation of connection qualitative characteristics on each direction.
The billing center does not require any additional software installation.

Its usage enables:
- to keep call records for billing-free equipment.

SoftSwitch usage provides compatibility of different SIP/H.323 protocol implementations. Its usage enables to integrate:
- equipment of different manufacturers into one network;
- different networks into a unified network structure of subscribers' units.

Guarantees of the Exchange. The Exchage provides anonymity of bidders and confidentiality of transactions, guarantees buyers' financial solvency through deposits made by buyers (the minimum deposit amount is not stipulated).

When processing bids we provide opportunities to administer them, to view, select and sort sellers' bids when buying (ASR, Rate), routing (selecting call termination offers), list of cancelled bids.

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